When you first moved into your new apartment, you were required to pay a number of fees to get this done. One of those was the security deposit. This was a fee that provided some protection for the landlord, ensuring that if you left early before the lease was done or if you made some serious damage to the apartment, the landlord would have something to help with the fixes. However, if you take good care of the apartment and avoid causing a lot of damage, then your landlord should return the security deposit back to you when you are moving out to a new place.


When it is time for you to move out of that apartment, whether you are moving to a new location or even to your first home, don’t forget to request the security deposit when it is time to go. While most of the state and local laws will require that the landlord will return this deposit within a certain number of days if there is no major damage to the property, it is possible that they can forget all about it or there are some delays due to the logistics of it all. This can mean longer for you without your money back.


To help make the process as quick as possible, ask the landlord to be available to do a walk-through of the property before you hand over the keys and officially move out. This is a good time for the two of you to assess any and all damage that is present and then make a determination on how much of the security deposit the landlord can take. You will get a chance to discuss some of the damage and negotiate on how much the landlord can take. And many times the landlord will give you a number and a timeline on when to expect that security deposit to get back to you. It is possible that some landlords will be able to write you a check right then and there, saving a lot of hassle along the way and checking another thing off your to-do list.


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